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Warning! (as of 04/04/2003)

This project is temporarily parked, and I don't know if I'll work again on it or not. It served to me as an introduction to the Python language, as well as managing XML and large amounts of data in Python. But now, I've changed my focus to PyTables, a Python package designed to deal with extremely large amounts of data. Originally, PyTables was created only as a tool to help process the massive streams of data that OpenLC provides, but now, PyTables has its own entity, and I devote most of my time to it.

However, I'll let this page here just if anybody is intrigued about it and/or wants to get some ideas/code from it.

What is?

OpenLC stands for Open Load Commander, and its aim is to facilitate the making of benchmarks for the different Open Source IT servers by providing a set of tools for processing, comparing and offering a detailed results sheet. You can download OpenLC and use it for free (it's GPL'ed).

You may want to have a look at a preliminary example data plot.

It's definitively worth to have a look at the documentation (PDF , PS).

Why OpenLC?

OpenLC has born because, when dealing with commercial servers, you can nearly always access to detailed benchmarks made by specialized companies or dedicated technical writers. However, in the Open Source arena, there is much to be done in this respect. Of course, to measure the potential of Open Source servers, an Open Source tool is advisable!.

Go for a more-in-depth discussion here

Yet another benchmarking tool? Oh my god!

Although there are certainly a great deal of Open Source benchmarking tools, most of them have a focus on a specific protocol. In contrast, OpenLC is a multiprotocol benchmarking and stress tool, with the next highlights:

Some UML diagrams?

You can see the OpenLC UML class diagram here . And also its internal state diagram.

Getting involved

If you feel that the Open world needs such a powerful and flexible benchmarking tool and you are a convinced developer, get in touch with me . Or if you want to make just a suggestion, please, drop a message to the user's or developer's OpenLC distribution lists.

OpenLC project hosting details

Here you can find more detailed information about the OpenLC project.

As an Open Source project, you can get the latest and coolest sources at the OpenLC CVS repository.

Thanks to the people who have helped to make and distribute this package!:

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Have fun!

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